The Props Collective HashMicro14.0

Information about the The Props Collective instance of HashMicro, the HashMicro.

Installed Applications

Stock Location Kanban, 库存位置看板
Quick access to current stock product, recent move in, move out. stock kanban view. group by location type, Corridor (X),Shelves (Y),Height (Z).
Purchase Team
Odoo app allow to Add Purchase Team on RFQ and Purchase Order,Purchase Team
RMA-Return Merchandise Authorization / Return Orders Management
rma odoo app Return Merchandise and Return Orders Management user can return Order, refund, Replacement, and repair-return product, Return Merchandise Authorization, Return orders, return/repair/replace/refund product, Reject RMA request,Odoo return management
Boost Odoo. Speed up with odoo clean core.
Clean erp with speed up. Stop auto subscribe. Stop mail. Stop follower. Stop Discuss. Boost odoo. Faster odoo faster and quick develop. odoo boost. odoo speed up.
odoo 14,13 Customize OEM(Boost, Data reset)
1 click customize odoo, reset data. For quick develop. Set brand, boost, reset data, debug. Language Switcher. Easy Delete data.reset account chart. customize my odoo. odoo customize, odoo oem.
Capacity of Stock Location,货架容量管理
Capacity manage for stock location.stock Capacity. Capacity by quantity and certain order, like sale order. set prepare location for sale order.
Number no negative Configurable, Show null when zero. cell mull equal to zero or Greater than zero
Configurable Number no negative. Easy apply to all list, one2may list. Show null when zero in list. widget number restrict Configurable. set negative_allow in xml to set whether allow <0. or set app_negative_allow in global config.
From quotations to invoices
Invoices & Payments
Odoo Global Discount on Sale,Purchase & Invoice with Tax calculation
Sale discount with tax sales discount invoice discount purchase discount purchase order discount fixed discount on sale invoice discount vendor discount on purchase vendor bill discount All in one Discount after tax amount global discount before tax amount
Track leads and close opportunities
Enterprise website builder
Advance Inventory Reports
Advance Inventory Reports / Inventory Analysis Reports Inventory Turnover Analysis Report / Inventory Turnover Ratio Inventory FSN Analysis Report / non moving report Inventory XYZ Analysis Report Inventory FSN with XYZ Analysis Report / FSN-XYZ Analysis / FSN XYZ Analysis Inventory Age Report / stock ageing / Inventory ageing / Stock Age / Inventory Aging Inventory Age Breakdown Report Inventory Overstock Report / Excess Inventory Report Stock Movement Report / Stock Rotation Report Inventory Out Of Stock Report / inventory coverage report / outofstock report Advanced Inventory Reports / All in one inventory reports / all in one reports
RFM Analysis - Marketing Strategy
RFM Analysis - A powerful marketing strategy RFM analysis increases business sales. It enables personalized marketing, increases engagement, and allows you to create specific, relevant offers to the right groups of customers. RFM analysis allows marketers to target specific clusters of customers with communications that are much more relevant for their particular behavior – and thus generate much higher rates of response, plus increased loyalty and customer lifetime value. eCommerce sales analysis with RFM technique RFM analysis is a data driven customer behavior segmentation technique. RFM analysis increases eCommerce sales. It enables personalized marketing, increases engagement, and allows you to create specific, relevant offers to the right groups of customers. It helps eCommerce sellers, online stores, marketplaces to boost their sales Directly integrated with Email Marketing, Automated mailing list generation feature
Manage your stock and logistics activities
Purchase orders, tenders and agreements
Sell your products online
Manufacturing Orders & BOMs
Email Marketing
Design, send and track emails
Centralize employee information
Audit Log
Custom Fields: Core
The technical core to add new fields for Odoo documents without any special knowledge
Description to Pickings(Shipment/Delivery)
This Module allows user to add product description on delivery and shipment order from sales and purchaseand print moves description in picking reports or picking operation report
Print Dynamic Barcode Labels (Product/Template/Purchase/Picking)
Print barcode Labels from Product / Product Templates / Quotation / Purchase / Picking
Accounting Access Right Setting
Accounting Analytical
General Setting
Hashmicro Theme
Equip3 Inventory Access Right Setting
Manage your Inventory Access Right Setting.
Equip3 Inventory Control
Manage your Inventory & stock controls.
Equip3 - Inventory Operations
Manage your stock operation activities.
Equip3 Operations Countd
Manage your Inventory tracking.
Equip3 Inventory Reports
Equip3 Inventory Tracking
Manage your Inventory tracking.
Purchase Accessright Setting
This module help you to use checklist in Calendar Meetings.
Equip3 Purchase Masterdata
Manage your Purchase Masterdata
Equip3 Purchase Operation
Manage your Purchase Requests and Purchase Orders Activities
KPI Balanced Scorecard
The tool to set up KPI targets and control their fulfillment by periods
Complex data in a single view,dynamic reports,sale report,create reports, custom reports,Create Custom View,report Security,custom query, pivot view report,tree view report,list view report,graph view report, display complex data,create custom report.
Inventory Freeze (Inventory Adjustment)
Can't move stock while inventory adjustment process
Odoo Delivery Driver Boy
Home Delivery Delivery Boy Delivery app Restaurant Delivery Groceries Delivery Local Delivery Food Delivery odoo Delivery Boy Odoo Delivery Control System odoo restaurant management system restaurant management software restaurant management app
Purchase Request
Use this module to have notification of requirements of materials and/or external services and keep track of such requirements.
All in One Mobile Barcode/QRCode Scanner|Sale Order Mobile Barcode Scanner|Purchase Order Mobile Barcode Scanner|Invoice Mobile Barcode Scanner|Inventory Mobile Barcode Scanner|Bill Of Material Mobile Barcode Scanner
invoice mobile qrcode scanner, bom mobile barcode scanner app, stock adjustment qrcode scan, request for quotation mobile barcode scanner, product mobile barcode scanner, warehouse mobile qrcode, account mobile qrcode scanner, purchase barcode Odoo
All In One Purchase Tools | Best Purchase Tools | Top Purchase Tools
Split Purchase,Merge Purchase,Archive Record,Unarchive Record,Cancel Purchase,Checklist,Document Management,Excel Report,Product Search,Custom Field,Customer History,Product History,Report Section,Template Product,Whatsapp Integration Odoo
Backmate Backend Theme Advance
Advance Material Backend Theme, Responsive Theme, Fully functional Theme, flexible Backend Theme, fast Backend Theme, lightweight Backend Theme, Animated Backend Theme, Modern multipurpose theme, Customizable Backend Theme, Multi Tab Backend Theme Odoo
Purchase Shipment And Bill Status
purchase order shipment Status module, filter purchase order shipment, po partial delivery app, find full shipment in po, status of full delivery odoo
Purchase Tender Management
Manage Multiple Tenders, Multiple Tender Single List Module, Multiple Tenders Request For Quotation Manage, Same Partner Tender Management App, Purchase Tender Management, PO Tender Management Odoo.
Portal Picking
View Portal Picking Module, Filter Portal Picking App, Group By Portal Picking, Portal Point Of Sale, See Website Picking, Get Picking Order Details On Portal, Picking Website Odoo
Product Multi Barcode
Product Multiple Barcode,Product Various Barcode Generator,Product Many Barcodes, Product Multi Barcode,Different Product Barcodes,Generate Various Product Barcodes, Search Product Multiple Barcode, Find Product Multiple Barcode Odoo
Product QR Code Generator
Default Make QR Module,New Product QR Generate App,Existing Product QR Generate Application, Existing Multi Product QR Create, Custom Product QR Generator,Product QRCode Generator,QRCode Product Odoo
Request For Quotation-Portal
Manage Multiple RFQs Module, Vendor Change RFQ Price App, Manage Request For Quotation Price, Request For Quote Update Price, Automatic Backend Price Change Odoo, Client Change RFQ Price ,Supplier Change Quotation Price Odoo.
Sales Credit Limit
set client credit limit app, decide customer credit limit, choose user credit limit odoo, sales credit limit module, Sale Order Credit Limit, Sales Order Credit Limit, Quotation Credit Limit, Quote Credit Limit Odoo
All In One Secondary Unit Of Measure | Sale Order Secondary Unit | Purchase Order Secondary Unit | Invoice Secondary Unit | Inventory Secondary Unit
sales secondary uom app, purchase secondary unit of measure, request for quotation multiple uom odoo, account double uom, warehouse multiple unit Odoo
Website Vendor Signup
Vendor Registration Form,Marketplace Multi Step Vendor Signup,Odoo Vendor Portal,Website Vendor Registration Form,Website Portal for Vendor,Vendor Sign up Form,Web Vendor Form,Vendor Registration Form On Website Odoo
Stock Demand Trends and Forecast
The tool to calculate stock demand trends and make prediction for future demand statistically. Stock Forecast
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
Centralize your address book
Schedule employees' meetings
Live Chat
Chat with your website visitors
Build your own dashboards
Repair damaged products
Organize your work with memos

Installed Localizations / Account Charts

Generic - Accounting
Multi Language Chart of Accounts